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Exhausted Nahla takes a nap on her mother Halle Berry's shoulder after a day of fun

By Jessica Satherley

Power nap: Halle Berry's daughter Nahla snoozed on her shoulder after a Memorial Day pool party in LA

A long day of fun proved too much for Halle Berry's daughter Nahla today.
The cute two-year-old, who was wearing in a pretty sun dress, fell sound asleep on her mother's shoulder after a day out in LA.

The pair had earlier attended a pool party with friends on U.S. Memorial Day.

The Oscar winning actress has made the most of the holiday weekend, and was spotted by at South Beach on Saturday with a male friend.

Despite hiding under a baseball cap and shades, she couldn’t hide the smile from her face as she laughed and enjoyed the day out in Florida

The 43-year-old actress looked much happier than she has done in recent weeks, following the breakdown of her five-year relationship with Gabriel Aubrey.

Nahla was with her ex boyfriend on Saturday , as the doting parents have an arrangement to share custody.

Precious cargo: The actress carried out the tired two-year-old

However Aubry is allegedly not happy with the current arrangement and wants permanent custody, reports say.

A source told Perez Hilton that it's been difficult for Gabriel to see Nahla in recent weeks and he's getting to the point where he's considering his options.

To make matters worse, Berry is set to move to South Africa for three months during July to September when filming starts on her new film Dark Tide.

As Halle is working on the thriller, Gabriel is set to follow her down there to look after their daughter while she's filming.

Bikini babe: Halle Berry soaks up some sun on the beach with friends during Memorial weekend in Miami

The actress looked stunning in a turquoise blue bikini and black kaftan as she strolled along the beach with a diet Coke and water in hand for the hot day

Halle will play a modern-day adventurer in the film, who is drawn to Great White sharks, but when her husband encounters the jaws of death in a near-fatal encounter, their marriage almost breaks apart.

Gabriel originally wanted Nahla to stay with him in Los Angeles while she’s shooting but Halle refused, so it looks like the former couple will both be off to South Africa for three months.

Berry's ex will reportedly live in the same house that's been rented for her in Africa for the sake of their daughter.

The brunette beauty split from the French-Canadian model, who was nine years her junior, last month and both said they were sad about the decision.

Berry has been married twice before, her first marriage being to former baseball player David Justice and her second to musician Eric Benet.

And with a bikini body like hers, she’s not expected to stay single for very long.

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Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus struggles to stay upright in seven inch Louboutins

By Julie Moult

Watch your step: Miley Cyrus performs a balancing act as she negotiates a flight of steps in killer heels at the launch of her new album in Madrid earlier today

Teen queen Miley Cyrus needed a helping hand tonight as she struggled to negotiate a flight of of steps in killer seven inch heels.

The 17-year-old singer and actress kept her balance in the peep-toe, Louboutin ankle boots by firstly clinging on to a wall and then by grabing the hand of an assistant who guided her down safely.

Miley, who performed at a music festival in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night was at the Villamanga Hotel in the Spanish capital Madrid to launch her new album 'Can't Be Tamed' .

She is hoping sales of the CD will emulate those of her debut album Breakout which hit the top of the charts in the US in its first week of release in 2008.

Miley's spectacular ankle boots add seven inches to her height

Dressed in high-waisted black trousers and striped, cut-away vest top revealing a black bra, Miley looked a million miles away from the girl who shot to fame playing wholesome Hannah Montana in the hit Disney TV series.

The teenager has come under fire recently for her revealing outfits which have been criticised for being inappropriate for her young age.

On stage at the Rock in Rio festival this weekend she drew gasps from the audience as she strutted in a skimpy green corset.

And the video for the title track of her new album has been condemned for its overtly sexual content.
But she said: ‘The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics.’

The daughter of country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley is currently dating Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, 19, who is her co-star in the movie The Last Song released earlier this year.

Phew: Miley breaths a sigh of relief as she makes it safely down

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Why so coy? Former Desperate Housewive Nicollette Sheridan keeps her beach body under wraps

By Donna Mcconnell

Covered up: Nicollette Sheridan kept her figure under wraps as strolled on Malibu beach while playing with her dog Oliver

As maneater Edie Britt in the hit show Desperate Housewives, Nicollette Sheridan was no shrinking violet.

So it came as some surprise that the actress, who has previously shed her clothes on the beach with abandon spoilt the fun, and kept a dowdy cover-up on.

Nicollette, 46, was seen strolling on the beach in Malibu wearing a cream kaftan as she walked her dog Oliver accompanied by financier boyfriend Steven Pate

Coy: The actress wore an orange bikini under a white shirt-dress and a straw trilby hat to exercise her dog Oliver

Uncovered: Nicollette seen enjoying at dip last August

The 46-year-old has regularly been seen frolicking on her favourite beach near her Malibu home. But for once she didn't treat onlookers to a glimpse of her stunning figure as she and Steven played fetch with the actress's dog.

Nicollette and Steven have been an item following the end of her relationship to singer Michael Bolton in 2008.

The actress needs all the support she can get as she is suing Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry for $20m (£13.6m) for a number of charges including gender violence and wrongful termination.

As well as having Steven on hand, ex-fiancée Bolton has offered her some much needed support. The 57-year-old singer told 'I'm totally supportive of her.

'There has been some wicked stuff in the news but my vote is for her prevailing. She's going to be fine.'

Bolton's support came in the wake of the other cast members of Desperate Housewives statement in support of the show as they insisted all was well on set.

Speaking to TV Guide about her reasons for leaving, Sheridan said: 'When the show started [in October 2004] it was such a different beast.

'It was exciting and dangerous and funny and edgy and bizarre. It started feeling a little complacent, and that was very frustrating.'

Happy days: Nicollette and financier boyfriend Steven Pate enjoy fun in the sun

But show creator Cherry, 47: 'Edie's already slept with most of the guys on the street and has caused about as many problems as she could.'

Maneater Edie was electrocuted after she crashed her car while fleeing her on screen husband Dave Williams - played by Neal McDonough - who she discovered was trying to murder her.

Nicollette was set to star in an upcoming CBS comedy series as a mother who does battle with her British ex-husband in order to get her teenage daughter to stardom.

But the new series was not optioned when the new CBS autumn/winter schedule was released.

Chilling: Nicollette enjoys the downtime as she has yet to secure another major television role in the wake of her departure from Desperate Housewives

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford gets away from it all with a family holiday

By Mail Online Reporter

Holiday fun: Chace Crawford plays horse shoes on his Mexico break

He may be a pin-up to fans of his hit show Gossip Girl, but Chace Crawford didn't spend Memorial Day weekend living the high life.

Instead he joined his parents and sister for a quiet family holiday in Mexico.

Joined by his journsliasm student sister Candice and her boyfriend, American Football star Tony Romo, the group, enjoyed a quiet day by the pool.

Toned: Chace shows off the body which won him heartthrob status

With his shirt off, Chace showed off the toned body which has won him a legion of female fans in his role as Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl.

The 24-year-old played a game of horse shoes with his father Chris and mother Dana, before topping up his tan on a sun bed.

Holiday friends: Tony Romo, Candice Crawford and another blonde friend

The Texan was last year named Summer's Hottest Bachelor by People magazine.

He stars in the upcoming movie 12.

But he has pulled out of the remake of Eighties film Footloose, unable to spare the time from his packed schedule filming for Gossip Girl

Family trip: Chace's sister Candice heads to the pool for a spot of sunbathing

Topping up their tans: Chace sunbathes, with his sister and a blonde friend

source: dailymail

Those clothes are criminal! Ridiculous hats and frilly tutus - Why Sex and the City's Carrie is wanted by the fashion police

By Liz Jones

Don't do it! Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, in the Sex and the City film wearing an oversized corsage, 'duvet' dress and over-the-knee socks

Thanks to Sex And The City, women no longer dress as men at work, but instead wear colourful, girlie prints. The character Carrie Bradshaw was a woman who dressed to please herself, not to make her attractive to men.

Patricia Field, the Oscar-nominated costume designer, gave us vintage, utility and eccentric layering. She brought back the full skirt, the prom dress, the eighties (even the batwing, cropped sweatshirt) and stilettos.

But the problems started when we began to take literally what a fictional character wore to make a point, drive a scene or promote a belly laugh. We began to buy £400 pairs of shoes and £800 handbags with no thought of wardrobe space or our credit rating. Very few of us can walk in those shoes.

Carrie looked effortless in bondage shoe boots, corsets, black net and gold lame, while the rest of us ended up resembling over-the-hill hookers.

As the second film hits our screens, let's look back at the clothes and weep ...


Worn with platforms and a mini kilt in the first movie, they suited Carrie because she's as tiny as a child. In real life, you looked as though you are auditioning for the Krankies. The socks kept falling down, too...


CarrIe started lots of jewellery trends: the silver locket, lots of necklaces worn at once, an engagement ring worn on a chain, ropes of fake pearls. But the most prominent was the cheap 'Carrie' necklace. On a real woman, the effect is one that makes our loved ones wonder whether we have Alzheimer's.


A Cross between a hat and a hair slide, remember the scene where Carrie wears a ridiculous tiny hat, like a sparrow, during a fight with Burger, who makes fun of it, as any man would? In the new film, she wears a black lace fascinator for a gay wedding and looks ridiculous. Trouble is, the haberdashery department of Debenhams never looked back, while every summer wedding for the past decade has seen flocks of women with bits of tat in their hair.

Fashion overkill: Carrie, pictured in the new film in white stilettos, on set of the show in rolled-up jeans and the iconic tutu image that featured in the opening credits


The thing I like about Carrie is that sometimes she looks beautiful and sometimes she looks terrible - just like the rest of us. But she always looks better with soft, dewy make-up. In both movies, she wears kohl, making her eyes bead-like and harsh. You need enormous eyes to pull this look off, otherwise you'll resemble raisins in a mound of unbaked dough.


CarrIe wore a tutu in the opening credits of the TV show, and it reappeared in the first film when she packs up her wardrobe. It is very Eighties, and works on Carrie given her ballerina body, but wearing one I felt like one of those Disney ice-skating hippos.


In the new film, Carrie wears a crinoline with a vintage Dior t-shirt and cropped cardie. To pull off this extraordinary garment, you need a tiny waist, which modern gals no longer possess. The full skirt doesn't work in real life: have you worn one in a cinema or economy class? You need stiff petticoats and quality fabric, otherwise it gets droopy and creased.

Over the top: Carrie shows off her bra, clashes colours, and in that Dior newspaper print dress from the show, that also makes a reappearance in the new film


The baguette and its smaller sibling, the croissant, were soon nestling in the armpits of women who had been brainwashed into believing it was reasonable to pay so much for something so small even your mobile won't fit in it. Carrie changed handbag many, many times a day, sending the luxury goods market into the stratosphere and bankrupting far too many of us.


We saw the maxi in the first movie, but it comes into its own in SATC2. It swamps Carrie, but she carries it off with flats and armlets, bed-head hair and sinewy, bare arms. The problem is that when you wear yeards of brightly coloured fabric, you can resemble Demis Roussos or something found hanging either side of a window. and you trip up and your hem gets dirty. Work colleagues no longer take you seriously. Men no longer find you sexy...

Full skirts: In the new film, Carrie wears a crinoline with a vintage Dior t-shirt and cropped cardie. To pull off this extraordinary garment, you need a tiny waist, which modern gals no longer possess


Patricia Field was responsible for the noughties trend for combat trousers with stilettos: the masculine dressed up with the ultra-feminine. Rolled-up jeans with heels swiftly followed. In real life, our legs looked short and stumpy. Boyfriend jeans (I hate this term: why do I need a man to own a garment?) also took off thanks to SATC, a style that looks great if you are diminutive, but will make you look like an off-duty Clare Balding if not.


Carrie made the fortunes of Jimmy Choo, Christian louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, and her style evolved from pointy stilettos to shoe boots to stripper bondage numbers.

Team these shoes with thunder thighs and new look clothing in a shopping precinct, rather than Park avenue, and the result is disastrous.


FIngerless gloves , evening gloves reaching to the elbow, colourful satin day gloves - Carrie loved them all. When we wore them, we looked like a cross between steptoe, Princess Margaret in her later years and as if we were about to do the washing-up.


'I Made Carrie's signature corsage larger than life for the opening scene of the first movie because film has to be bigger, more outrageous than a TV show,' Patricia Field told me. Her point is that we are not supposed to take these looks literally, but many of us did, looking like superannuated prom queens in the process.


Carrie used to tap, tap, tap away wearing these hot, scratchy little garments. In real life, you resemble a bag lady trying to keep warm.


We hankered after Carrie's bandy pins, while our own would benefit from sheer tights in summer, opaque in winter. Carrie predated the Wags, where dim young women fail to team their bare, brown legs with something ironic such as ankle boots, and instead wear stilettos, ankle chains, French manicures (Carrie never, ever wore nail polish) and tattoos.

Showstopper: That Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, in a white suit and tie and sporting an Hermes Birkin


Sticky-outy, with volume at the back, a stiff skirt and wings over the hips. We all looked like pregnant Quasimodos and took up far too much space on the bus.


Carrie wore these all the time at home: they clung to her tiny frame. In real life, these dresses were worn far too short and tight over bodies that were never meant to wear a vest dress, let alone a skintight lycra one.


tEaMED with a red spot coat and full skirt by Carrie in Paris in the tV series, they were almost classy. adopted by all of us, they looked very Essex and very Eighties. they soon got dirty, too.


Carrie was overly fond of sheer. trouble is, very few of us have breasts small and pert enough to go without underwear.

source: dailymail

Agyness Deyn proves to be the model athlete as she pounds the streets of New York

By Daily Mail Reporter

Agyness Deyn resembles more Rocky than world supermodel as she pounds the streets of New York for a morning run

Resembling more an athlete or even army recruit than world supermodel, Agyness Deyn took to the streets of New York today for a morning jog.

With her harsh cropped hair, white vest top and baggy black shorts, the model ditched the glamour of the catwalk to pound the pavement in a bid to keep in shape.

It's hard to imagine other British models Kate Moss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley out on a morning run, but then Agyness is known for her down-to-earth attitude

The Lancashire-born model has made New York her home since moving there with her then-boyfriend rocker Josh Hubbard.

Besides a successful career in the fashion world and a foray into music, Agyness is keen to try her hand at acting.

Her big screen debut in Mean To Me has already garnered her praise from critics, including one labelling her the 'next Faye Dunaway'.

However perhaps she's hoping her next role will be as an action hero.

Agyness strikes a pose, showing why she is in such demand as a model

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince Harry and the girl from Boujis... (and the TV presenter, the Canadian waitress and the girl from Sky Sports)

By Katie Nicholl

Harry enjoyed the company of glamorous women including waitress Christiane Mouttet

When Prince Harry passed out from Sandhurst on April 12, 2006, his girlfriend Chelsy Davy flew in from South Africa to attend the celebratory ball. Harry, then 21, had excitedly told his fellow officers all about his ‘knockout’ girlfriend and she did not disappoint, stealing the show in a stunning turquoise, bias-cut, silk dress that clung to her curves and dipped daringly at the back to reveal acres of tanned skin.

She had had several fittings at home to make sure the evening gown was perfect and had arranged her hair in a loose chignon. Harry kissed her as they danced the night away to a live jazz band.

Any worries Chelsy, then 20, may have had about her boyfriend’s night out the week before – his drunken dancing with strippers at a lap-dancing club had made the papers – were a distant memory. For now.

In the summer of 2006, Chelsy was at home working hard for her finals at the University of Cape Town – where she was studying politics, philosophy and economics.

Sadly, it was a summer of rather tacky confessions from the wayward Prince.

Harry had met Zimbabwean-born Chelsy two years earlier, and was smitten, enthralled by her tales of riding bareback and how she could strangle a snake with her bare hands. She was in her final year at Stowe School and was about to return to South Africa where her parents, Charles and Beverley, now lived.

When Harry travelled to Cape Town in April 2004, taking a break from a two-month humanitarian trip to Lesotho, he had every intention of reconnecting with her after getting her contact details from Simon Diss, the mutual friend who had introduced them.
‘He got straight on the phone to her,’ recalls a friend. ‘Chelsy wasn’t impressed that he was a Prince, she just thought he was cute, so they met up.’

The chemistry was immediate. They went out with friends to a nightclub and by the end of the evening were locked in a passionate embrace on the dance floor.

Harry made several more trips to see Chelsy and, after returning to England, he would fly to Durban to stay at the Davys’ family home. They were wonderful visits, made all the more exciting by their secrecy. Chelsy was everything Harry wanted in a girl. He was in love. And, it seemed, the feeling was mutual. Chelsy had been waiting for someone special, and Harry was her first love.

Harry enjoyed the company of Natalie Pinkham (left), Astrid Harbord (centre) and Catherine Davies (right)

After Sandhurst, where Harry had thrived, he started an intensive 12-week training programme at the Household Cavalry’s headquarters in Dorset.

He had plenty of free time and on Fridays couldn’t wait to get home to London and hit Boujis nightclub in South Kensington. In June 2006, Harry spent the evening there with the one girl guaranteed to rile Chelsy, then at home in South Africa. TV presenter Natalie Pinkham had met the Prince in 2001 at a rugby match. They stayed in touch and Harry sent Natalie emails while she was in her student hall at Nottingham University, to the disbelief of her housemates.

There were reports that Harry had sent her a thong one Christmas and that he ‘fancied her rotten’ despite her being five years his senior.

That night at Boujis in June 2006, they were in the mood to party, and the champagne corks popped as they danced and chatted in the VIP room. At closing time, Harry suggested continuing the fun at former Royal aide Mark Dyer’s house

The Army officer turned gastro pub owner often allows his basement flat to be used as a party venue for Harry and his friends – much to the annoyance of the long-suffering protection officers, who have to wait patiently in their cars until their Royal charge is ready to call it a night. By 5am Natalie was ready for bed. As the Prince escorted her to his waiting Range Rover, Natalie, a little unsteady on her feet after eight hours of drinking, begged Harry for a kiss goodnight.

‘Not here,’ he said before whisking her back down the steps.

They emerged seconds later, blissfully unaware that their late-night encounter had been captured by a long lens. When the story hit the newspapers, there was an awkward long-distance call to Chelsy.

When Harry first met Zimbabwean-born Chelsy, he was smitten, enthralled by her tales of riding bareback and how she could strangle a snake with her bare hands

In May there had also been the rather breathless account of Catherine Davies, a 34-year-old mother of two who claimed she was chatted up by the Prince at a house party in Fulham.

‘I was absolutely speechless. I was against the wall and he literally lifted me off the floor and gave me a lovely kiss which I was stunned by,’ she told The Mail on Sunday.

Then in July he reportedly danced with a well-known Page 3 girl and a masseuse who claimed he had kissed her on the lips at Boujis.

The flurry of newspaper tales left Chelsy in tears but when she flew to London after term finished, the couple were inseparable and Harry assured her that she was the one.

He was calmer when Chelsy was around, and her positive influence had not escaped the notice of his father. For the first time Charles gave his seal of approval, allowing Harry and Chelsy to share a room at Highgrove.

When she flew home in August, Chelsy was confident they could last the distance.

They had hatched a plan for her to move to Britain, where she would enrol on a postgraduate course. When Harry finished his military training he was desperate for a posting to a war zone. There was no way he was going to, as he put it, ‘sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country’.

But plans to deploy him to Iraq or Afghanistan floundered when it was decided he represented too high-profile a target. He was devastated.

The MoD decided to send him to Canada to retrain as a battlefield air controller. It was the easiest way to get him to the frontline but it needed to be done covertly.

But within days of his arrival in May 2007, Harry was on the front page of a local newspaper, photographed in a clinch with a waitress. He had gone to a bar with two of his bodyguards and a group of Army colleagues and, the worse for wear, couldn’t resist chatting up one of the waitresses, an attractive 22-year-old called Cherie Cymbalisty.

‘He was very forward and told me I was stunning,’ she recalled. ‘He certainly didn’t mention anything about having a girlfriend. He sure didn’t act like he had one.’ Yet again, he had to face Chelsy’s questions.

Things got worse. Chelsy signed up for a postgraduate course in law at Leeds University and when she flew into Heathrow airport in September, Harry kept her waiting for close to an hour after she landed. When he eventually arrived, he looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

In October, he missed her 22nd birthday, instead flying to Paris to watch England play South Africa in the rugby World Cup.

Then he became friendly with a gorgeous Trinidad-born waitress called Christiane Mouttet. He had known her from Boujis, where she used to wait on the VIP tables, and they got along well. Having secured her phone number, he spent a fortnight texting her, and the rumour among his friends was that she had recently accompanied him home to Clarence House. News of their friendship had even reached Christiane’s home town in Trinidad where her family and friends were devouring every detail of the burgeoning romance.

‘Trinidad society is abuzz with some girl who has been seeing Prince Harry,’ I was informed.

When I spoke to Christiane about her friendship with Harry she told me: ‘We made a pact that we would never talk about what happened.’

Chelsy was furious and, in November, told Harry the relationship was over. She was not prepared to be made a fool of. Back in South Africa she had always been the prettiest girl in her glamorous and wealthy clique, never short of male attention.

Harry had worried particularly about an old friend from Zimbabwe, Bradley Kirkland.

Known to his friends as ‘Jabu’, he was close to Chelsy. They had never been romantically linked but Harry, who had heard that Jabu had once referred to him as a ‘wet fish’, felt threatened by the handsome student who hunted crocodiles as a hobby.

However, the separation was just a blip and within weeks they were back together – but their reunion was brief. In December, Harry was posted to Afghanistan, under a media blackout, where his job was to guide aircraft in combat zones.

At Forward Operating Base Dwyer, a dusty outpost in the middle of Helmand Province, Harry was in his element and quickly earned the friendship and trust of his comrades. He was also posted with the Gurkhas at FOB Delhi, close to the border with Pakistan.

'Chelsy was fed up with just being Harry's girlfriend. She felt she was making all the effort and he wasn't making enough. She also wants to be her own person, not just Prince Harry's girlfriend,' said one of her friends

Every week, like everyone else, he was allowed 30 precious minutes on a satellite phone. He used them to speak to his family and to call Chelsy. She would make him laugh with tales of disastrous dinner parties at her student digs – cooking was not her strong point. She kept the conversation upbeat, and only afterwards would she allow herself to cry. She was desperately worried for his safety.

They also managed to communicate intermittently via email , with Harry using the pseudonym ‘Spike Wells’. One time he wrote: ‘******* cold here. Like insanely cold bit weird!! Anyhoo, gotta go, lots of love to you, probably see you soon unfortunately for you, hehe! Laters ginge!’ In another he simply told the girl he calls ‘Chedda’ he was missing her. ‘I love you. I mis (sic) u gorgeous.’

Harry was reunited with Chelsy sooner than he had expected, after an American website chose to ignore the embargo on Harry’s deployment. It was too risky to keep him in Taliban heartland. He was brought home on March 1, 2008.

After his return, his various commitments (a trip to Lesotho, more training in Canada, a motorcycle rally for charity with his brother) meant that he and Chelsy saw little of each other and when they were together, they argued.

Harry embarked on the next stage of his Army career, training as a helicopter attack pilot with the Army Air Corps, enrolling at its headquarters at Middle Wallop in Hampshire on January 19, 2009.

He had 18 months of training ahead of him and, like William, Harry discovered becoming a pilot meant a lot of hard work, no drinking and little time for girlfriends.

While Kate Middleton had been prepared to wait for William as he embarked on his flying career, Chelsy was not. She told Harry she felt they had run their course and stopped wearing the blue topaz ring he had given her as a birthday present. Then she infuriated him by changing the status on her Facebook page to ‘Relationship: Not in one.’ Their romance was over in the click of a button.

Harry could not believe that Chelsy had done it so publicly, and he was angry and upset when The Mail on Sunday broke the story.

‘Chelsy was fed up with just being Harry’s girlfriend,’ said one of her friends. ‘She felt she was making all the effort and he wasn’t making enough. She also wants to be her own person, not just Prince Harry’s girlfriend. She fully respects his career, but they just don’t get enough time together and she’s a bit fed up with always coming second.’

Harry was not short of female admirers however. Just weeks later he was photographed with Natalie Pinkham in a nightclub. Paris Hilton had reportedly asked him out on a date. He exchanged telephone numbers with Natalie Imbruglia after meeting the singer at her 34th birthday party and pursued her with late-night texts and phone calls. In March he was linked with another glamorous young woman, Astrid Harbord, a 27-year-old Bristol University graduate and friend of Chelsy.

When they were photographed together on the back seat of Harry’s chauffeur-driven car entering the rear gates of Clarence House at 3am, this appeared to confirm that Harry and Astrid were a couple. In reality the friendship has only ever been platonic and they slept in separate rooms that night.

Astrid – along with her sister Davina dubbed the Hardcore Sisters by Tatler magazine – was the worse for wear and had passed out on Harry’s bed while he stayed in the spare room. ‘Astrid was mortified,’ says a friend. ‘The next morning she woke up to find William and Kate standing in the doorway offering her a cup of tea. Kate was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, William was laughing, and Astrid just wanted the ground to swallow her up.’

But Harry did take a shine to a young TV presenter called Caroline Flack. The pair were introduced through Natalie Pinkham at a poker tournament in April. Just weeks later they were pictured leaving Mark Dyer’s West London flat, and by June Harry had brought the Sky Sports presenter back to Clarence House. Yet, in fact, Harry was still in love with Chelsy.

Back in February, on Valentine’s Day, Chelsy had received a number of cards and bizarrely a copy of the movie Crocodile Dundee, sent anonymously. She suspected Harry. He had always been jealous of ‘Jabu’, to whom this seemed to be a reference – there were pictures of Jabu on Facebook stripped to the waist with a dead crocodile slung across his shoulders.

‘Chelsy laughed out loud when she got the present in the post,’ recalls a friend.

‘The card that came with it was anonymous but Chelsy had a feeling it was Harry and she called him up. Harry said he had nothing to do with the present but Chelsy just said, “He would say that, wouldn’t he?” That was when they started talking again.’

They were in constant touch from then on but there was no talk of getting back together until early August, when a clandestine meeting at Clarence House was arranged. As the Range Rover with tinted windows sped through the gates of Clarence House, Chelsy hid beneath a blanket on the back seat. Inside Harry was waiting for her with dinner and a bottle of wine.

Chelsy was still tanned from a recent holiday to Portugal. From her Facebook pictures, it had clearly been a great two weeks. One particular snap – a candid shot of Chelsy in a swimming pool, sitting in a giant inflatable ring with a nightclub promoter called Dominic Rose – had stuck in Harry’s mind.

Now, after a summer of meaningless flings, they realised they had missed each other, and, over drinks, decided to give their relationship another chance. Chelsy stayed the night for the first time in months.

On the night of Harry’s 25th birthday, in September 2009, they were together again – at a Chelsea nightclub. They had spent the night drinking vodka Red Bulls and at one point hit the dance floor together before leaving separately at the end of the night. The ruse fooled no one, and by October their secret was out.

Harry had inherited £6.5million of his late mother’s fortune when he turned 25, and when he treated a group of friends including Natalie Pinkham to a water safari in Botswana in October, Chelsy didn’t object.

She was once again wearing the topaz ring Harry had given her, safe in the knowledge that this time they were both committed to making things work.

Harry’s first love? Emma of the pashmina brigade

Glamour: Emma Lippiatt, Harry's off-and-on girlfriend for four years

She is the stunning blonde who captured and broke Prince Harry’s heart. Emma Lippiatt dated the Prince on and off for four years, and was the girl Prince Harry still refers to as his first love.

Although the relationship was often turbulent, Harry still speaks fondly of their romance, which started when he was in the sixth-form and ended only when the Prince was introduced to another glamorous blonde – Chelsy Davy.

Until now, Emma has only ever been referred to as one of the Prince’s friends, but now it has emerged she was in fact Harry’s first love and that the pair enjoyed a serious, albeit on-and-off, four-year relationship.

Emma, who is two years older than Harry, was a member of the ‘Glosse Posse’, William and Harry’s clique in Gloucestershire, and a close friend of Harry’s polo-playing chum Mark Tomlinson. While they had known each other for years, they only started dating in 2001 while Harry was at Eton and Emma was studying at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, close to Highgrove.

‘Emma was older than Harry, and absolutely gorgeous. They had known each other for years from when Emma was still at school in Bath, but in the summer of 2001 they became an item,’ recalls one of their friends. ‘Emma was one of the pashmina brigade and a girl not to be trifled with, you wouldn’t mess around with her. She’s a real country girl and an amazing horsewoman.

‘Harry and her would ride together and play polo and he was always blown away by how well she could ride. She was exactly his type, very sporty, blonde and gorgeous.’

Those who know the pair describe the relationship as ‘serious and often turbulent’.

‘Emma came into Harry’s life at a time when he really needed her. It was summer 2001 and Harry, or Barry as we nicknamed him as a joke, was pretty out of control. He had started drinking at the Rattlebone Inn, but we were all doing the same thing, basically drinking and having fun. They were wonderful times and Harry was furious when the story came out. He said, “Well, someone’s made a lot of money out of me.”

‘Emma was very protective of him and would keep an eye on him. Harry needed protecting, mostly from himself, and Emma did just that. One of our favourite games was the vodka water, one we would play at each other’s houses or at Club H. You’d fill one shot glass with vodka and the rest with water. The one who got the vodka would sit out the next round. Harry always filled all of the glasses with vodka and Emma would tell him off.

‘He also liked playing practical jokes and would go to Mothercare in Bath and buy a load of nappies knowing it would cause a sensation if he was photographed. Emma would tell him he was being silly.

‘They would argue and have really bad screaming matches, but they would always make up.’

Emma, in mauve scarf, watching rugby with Harry at Twickenham in 2002

During one of their ‘breaks’ Emma started dating another student, Tom Worbouys.

‘Harry was really hurt, he was very cut up. They broke each other’s hearts many times and Harry had flings as well. In 2003 he had quite a serious relationship with a local girl called Laura Gerard-Liegh but his real first love was Emma.

In the end Emma went back to him. She was very pretty, very smart and very sassy and Harry adored her.

‘At weekends she would drive to see him at Eton, often with Jamie Murray Wells, and Harry would come to Gloucestershire to see her.

‘Emma’s family live in a 16th Century farmhouse, but she was living in a student house with three friends in a cul-de-sac in Cirencester. The road would always be blocked with police cars whenever Harry arrived.’

The relationship withstood numerous break-ups over the four years they were together and only really came to an end in 2004 when Harry met Chelsy.

He was introduced to the Zimbabwean-born Stowe student by his best friend Simon Diss at a polo match in Cirencester and he fell for her immediately.

‘It’s funny, Chelsy and Emma are actually very alike,’ recalls a friend of the Prince. ‘They both like a drink and a smoke, they are brainy, blonde and beautiful and they could both wrap Harry around their finger.’

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Boris Becker's wife takes new baby for a stroll in impossibly high boots

By Mail Online Reporter

A head for heights: Boris Becker's wife Lilly Kerssenberg wore red, white and blue boots during her Memorial Weekend break at the Setai Resort in Miami

Boris Becker's family got into the holiday spirit as they headed to Miami for Memorial Weekend.

Becker's wife Sharlely Kerssenberg, 33, wore red, white and blue Chanel boots as she pushed their baby son along.

The boots were wildly impractical, but they certain turned plenty of heads.

Sharlely, known as Lilly, teamed them with a short black jumpsuit and casually tied back hair.

Three-month-old Amaedus was the spitting image of his famous father, with his bright blue eyes and red hair.

The pair seemed equally tired, with the former tennis pro stifling a yawn at lunch, while his son had no such inhibitions.

Time for bed: Boris Becker's wife Sharlely 'Lilly' Becker holds their yawning blue-eyed son Amadeus

Spot the difference: It's clear who Amadeus's father is

And just like his other three children, Amadeus already bears a striking resemblance to his father - the familiar ginger hair and facial features clearly evident in the baby's physical make-up.

Yesterday the family were caught out in the rain, with selfless Lilly holding her umbrella to shield her son and husband.

They were joined by Becker's older sons Elias, 10, and Noah, 16.

Tired out: Becker looked ready for a lie down as he struggled through lunch at the Setai Resort on Miami Beach

In the wet: Boris and his wife Lilly Kerssenberg and sons Elias and Noah shelter from the rain yesterday

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rachel Stevens looks radiant as she takes to the red carpet after announcing her pregnancy

By Daily Mail Reporter

Radiant: One week after announcing she is pregnant with her first child, Rachel Stevens took to the red carpet for the London premiere of SATC2

One week after announcing her pregnancy, a radiant Rachel Stevens took to the red carpet last night for the London premiere of Sex And The City 2.

Wearing an elegant white shift with gold trims, the 32-year-old star joined the likes of Kylie Minogue, Emma Bunton and Amanda Holden who all used the premiere to flaunt their sexiest frocks.

And while the former S Club 7 singer has spoken of her excitement about expecting her first child with actor husband Alex Bourne, it will be a few months before Rachel has to worry about maternity wear.

Channelling the Grecian look, Rachel, who was once voted the world's most sexiest woman by FHM magazine, accessorised her tunic-style dress with gold heeled sandals and a simple gold bangle.

The pop singer's look was completed with smouldering eye make-up and loosely curled hair that fell around her shoulders.

Grecian look: Rachel accessorised her tunic-style dress with gold heeled sandals and a simple gold bangle

Last week Rachel's representative confirmed she will welcome her first child into the world in November.

Her spokesperson said: ‘We are delighted to announce that Rachel Stevens and her husband Alex are expecting their first baby later this year.

Blooming: Rachel Stevens appears to be enjoying the benefits of pregnancy as she heads out yesterday before the SATC2 premiere

‘The happy news comes just a few months before the couple will celebrate their first wedding anniversary.’

The 32-year-old singer added: ‘We are thrilled and so excited about becoming parents.’

Thrilled: Rachel Stevens and husband Alex Bourne are expecting their first child, the couple were seen near their London home earlier this month

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Russell Brand gets his sausage out... in a raunchy new photoshoot

By Hannah Hargrave

Saucy sausages: Russell Brand gets his sausages wet as he dips them in a cup of tea for a racy photoshoot for Complex magazine

Notorious ladies' man Russell Brand was clearly in his element shooting a racy magazine shoot complete with sexy women, saucy underwear and sausages.

The British comedian went all out for the spread even dipping raw bangers in a cup of tea for one shot and suggestively licking a microphone in another.

Renowned for his overertly sexually nature, the lotharian dressed up in leather trousers and a see through vest in an image where he is being clawed at by women while simmultaniously being dragged away by policemen.

But despite the seductive photos he says he is now a one woman man.

'From that first date with Katy, I didn't return another call to another girl,' he told US magazine, Complex, which will be released on June 8th. 'I didn't go anywhere, didn't mess around with anybody at all. It's almost been a relief.'

Suggestive: Brand gets felt up by women and cuffed by policemen in his latest photoshoot. In another image he licks his microphone while surrounded by underwear on stage

Knickers: Brand flashes his chest as underwear is flung as his leather clad body

Bedtime: The comedian poses on the front of Complex magazine in bed with a hoard of half naked women

However Brand, who once boasted he had slept with 90 women in one month, says the urge to sleep around never goes away.

'It's a bottomless pit,' he said when asked if the desire to have sex with tons of women ever goes away.

'It's not like you could ever fill that,'

'But before Katy I'd never met anyone before where I thought, 'OK, this makes sense'.

'This is now a time to make an effort.'

Brand is set to marry singer Perry later this year.

And he promises even that will be an outrageous affair.

'It's going to be indulgent' he said at the premier of his new film 'Get Me To The Greek'.

'Everyone's going to be topless, the bride, the groom, that's me, our parents, all topless,' he joked.

'It will be a festival of decadence.

'The first thing we're going to do is slaughter a swan. That's to the god Zeus.

'Our wedding is essentially going to be a recreation of the greatest moments in mythological history.'

For the full story visit

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohan tries to embrace sobriety with a new detox tea... but it contains traces of alcohol

By Hannah Hargrave

Detox: Lindsay Lohan clutches a bottle of healthy 'Kombucha' tea as she leaves the Andy Le Compte salon in West Hollywood, CA

She's been banned from drinking alcohol but Lindsay Lohan is now getting her kicks from a new organic tea.

After being forced by a judge to quit her wild ways the troubled star has been spotted clutching healthy 'Kombucha' in the place of vodka.

And with it's long list of benefits, including improving the liver, blood and digestive systems, Lohan is sure to reap the rewards.

Newly Blonde: Lohan shows off her blonde locks as she leaves the West Hollywood salon where she spent nine hours having her hair dyed

Healthy tea: Lohan's new choice of drink. Kombucha No.3 drink claims to detox and energize

The organic product can help people kick habits such as alcohol, coffee and junk food by 'restoring healthy balance to the body,' according to it's founder G.T Dave - who started the company as a teenager in his parents' kitchen.

But Lohan had better be careful not to consume too much since it is known to contain trace amounts of alcohol due to fermentation of its fruit ingredients.

And some reviews claim the sweet tasting drink gives a 'mild euphoria' on top of energizing and uplifting the body.

Lohan drank Kombucha during a trip to the Andy Le Compte hair salon in West Hollywood, CA where she dyed her hair back to her blonde roots.

The actress has been banned from alcohol following her much publicised court appearance.

She also has to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet as part of her probation.

Court orders: Lohan in court in Los Angeles, CA getting the terms of her probation

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What's new, Buenos Aires? Katherine Jenkins wears her favourite figure-hugging Posh dress to sing at Argentina match

By Daily Mail Reporter

O Canada: Katherine Jenkins belts out the North Americans' national anthem at Argentina's River Plate stadium ahead of their World Cup warm-up match

Nine months after showcasing her famous curves in a black Victoria Beckham dress, Katherine Jenkins has dug out the creation again.

Performing at the Argentina versus Canada pre-World Cup friendly football game in Buenos Aires, the Welsh mezzo-soprano took to the pitch in the figure-hugging £1,500 dress.

As part of her South American tour, the 29-year-old sang the Canadian national anthem before kick-off and also got to meet Argentina's head coach, football legend Diego Maradona.

Jenkins more commonly pictured in dowdy rugby jersey belting out Bread Of Heaven at Wales' home rugby internationals, but clearly enjoyed her trip.

Writing on her Twitter page, Jenkins enthused: 'Standing in the middle of an empty River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, about to start my soundcheck. Very VERY cool...
'Mexican wave in the River Plate stadium... I just met Diego Maradona!'

Dress that does justice: Katherine Jenkins performs in style in Buenos Aires

Favourite dress: Jenkins wearing the Victoria Beckham dress in London last August

Jenkins is scheduled to return to the UK next month to kick off this summer's festival season.

Jenkins was a notable absence at the Classical Brit Awards earlier this month because she was performing in Germany.

Over the summer, she will perform at the Hampton Court Palace Festival and Cheltenham Racecourse, as well as her own solo gigs

Earlier this year, she performed a 12-date tour of Britain, which saw her performing acrobatics in addition to her usual soaring vocals.

Jenkins recently denied reports that New Zealand soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa had dismissed her as a 'serious' classical singer.

Te Kanawa was quoted as saying: 'We should talk about serious classical singers if you want to stick to the subject,' when asked about Jenkins.

However, the Welsh singer said: 'Dame Kiri didn’t say that. We’re very friendly.'

Unfortunately, relations with the Canadian national team might take some repairing.

After she belted out O Canada, the proceeded to get torn apart 5-0.

On home turf: Katherine Jenkins, far right, in more familiar surroundings in 2005 at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, singing with Charlotte Church in their Welsh rugby shirts - and Max Boyce

source: dailymail