Friday, June 3, 2011

'We were totally in love': Chris Evans fights back tears opening up about split from Billie Piper at Hay Festival

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Happy couple: Chris Evans (pictured in 2004) has opened up about his relationship with Billie Piper yesterday and he nearly broke down in tears talking about their split

He famously proposed after their first date with a Ferrari full of red roses.

But despite marrying and later divorcing nearly a decade ago Chris Evans stills finds it hard to talk about his break up from Billie Piper.

The Radio DJ fought back tears as she spoke about his ex-wife at the Hay Festival last night.

Chris, 45, had the sell-out audience captivated as he opened up about his relationship with the former singer.

The DJ described the connected he and Billie shared when they met in 2000 and said: ‘We both needed fixing and thought we could each fix each other.’

Anne Robinson, who was interviewing him as part of the literary festival, questioned him on the high-profile break up.

Evans fought back the tears as he said: ‘We were totally in love and we were together for all the right reasons.’

He added: ‘But to go back to the metaphor of fixing each other. We were fixed, where do you go from there?

‘It was not inevitable but it was obvious when it happened and the greatest disservice we could have done for each other was carry on.’

Happy now: Chris with his wife Natasha Shishmanian at the 2011 Ivor Novello awards last month. The DJ was speaking at the Hay Festival with Anne Robinson last night

The presenter who made millions with his production company Ginger Media Group, also recounted how he proposed to Miss Piper, by buying a Ferarri.

He said: ‘One hour later it was outside her (Piper's) flat full of roses, as many as I could buy, with a note saying 'Will You Marry Me?"’

The crowd responded to the story with a gasp and Chris added: ‘You see. Women love it. The boys probably think “you t*****”.’

He went on to describe the tempestuous period that both he and Piper had lived up until that moment, intimating they were well suited to each other.

He added that after marrying they ran away to America which was the right thing to do for love but the wrong thing for his career.

Billie and Chris split in September 2004 just three years after marrying in Las Vegas.

Their separation was amicable and they finally divorced in 2007.

Chris and Anne were discussing his latest autobiography Memoirs of a Fruitcake


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