Thursday, June 9, 2011

Natasha Giggs' five-a-side team: Ryan's brother's wife 'bedded three other Man United footballers'

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Dwight Yorke believed to be among soccer stars she has slept with
Claims emerge of week-long holiday affair with Ayia Napa promotions worker

Hat-trick: Natasha Giggs, who is married to Ryan's brother Rhodri has bedded three other footballers while they were playing for Manchester United, it has been claimed

She claimed to have had an eight year affair with her husband’s brother Ryan but it seems that isn’t the only time Natasha Giggs has been playing away.

The mother-of-two is also said to have bedded three other Manchester United players, it has been alleged.

Natasha, 28, is said to have slept with Dwight Yorke, Phil Bardsley and Danny Simpson when they were playing for the United side, it has been claimed by The Sun.

The former Estate agent claimed she has slept with Ryan Giggs in an affair sustained over nearly a decade, following the allegations he had been having an affair with Imogen Thomas.

Natasha, who is married to Ryan’s brother Rhodri, a former footballer, is said to have told friends she was involved with Dwight Yorke, father to Katie Price’s child Harvey, throughout his career at the club, from 1998 to 2002, the paper claims.

It has also been claimed that she slept with Simpson when he was trying to get into the first team at United and she became involved with Bardsley after she exchanged saucy text messages with him and Ryan after she attended an Ann Summers party.

Three in the bed: Natasha has bedded three former United players, from left, Phil Bardsley, Dwight Yorke and Danny Simpson, it has been claimed

Double: Natasha, who is married to Rhodri Giggs has claimed she had an eight year affair with his brother Ryan

A source told The Sun: ’She kept getting messages from Ryan asking her what she was buying and things like that.’

‘But she was also in touch with Bardsley and she ended up going to a hotel in Manchester where he was staying that night.’

‘Natasha was always very popular with footballers. She seems attracted to their lifestyle.’

Spokesmen for the three former United players could not be contacted.

After the alleged affair with her husband’s brother Ryan, Natasha has fled their family home in Bolton, but reports claim that just last month she was cheating on her husband with a promotional worker in Ayia Napa, The Sun has reported.

Natasha is said to have met Lewis White just hours after she arrived in the party town at the start of a week-long holiday to celebrate a friend’s wedding.

Affair: Natasha, left, is said to have had an affair with a promotions worker in Ayia Napa last month but told him to keep their fling quiet when news of her affair with Ryan Giggs broke. Natasha revealed her 'affair' after news broke that Ryan and Imogen Thomas, right, had been sleeping together

Lewis, 21, told The Sun: ‘I’ve sh***ed five birds since I’ve been out here, including one famous one.’

‘Believe it or not I’ve slept with Ryan Giggs’s brother’s wife. I couldn’t believe it myself when I met her. I chatted her up and it went on for the whole week that she was out there.’

‘We made love all night long. She was the best between the sheets of any girl I’ve ever slept with. We did it again and again, there was no stopping her.’

It has been claimed that when she returned home the pair kept in touch with text messages and contact on social networking website Facebook.

When news broke of her alleged affair with Ryan Lewis said she asked him to keep their fling a secret.

While Natasha has bedded Giggs and the former footballers it has been claimed, Ryan Giggs is said to have had affairs with Imogen Thomas, Natasha and a third mystery woman.

When Rhodri, 34, found out about the alleged affair between his wife and Ryan it has been claimed he went berserk.

A source told the Mirror: 'When he found out he went ballistic and went looking for Ryan with a hammer.'

Meanwhile Ryan and wife Stacey, who has pledged to stand by the footballer following the claims, are currently on holiday in Spain.


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