Wednesday, June 1, 2011

'Pass the sick bucket': FHM horrified as its readers name male model Andrej Pejic as 98th sexiest WOMAN

By Lauren Paxman

Controversy: Male model Andrej Pejic was voted FHM's 98th sexiest woman

The waves that Andrej Pejic has been sending through the fashion world ever since he started modelling women's clothes are about to go tidal.

The male model has been voted into 98th place on FHM's list of the world's sexiest women.

But it seems that the magazine does not agree with its readers who voted for the model - or perhaps those who chose Pejic were hoping for a chauvinist reaction?

'Designers are hailing him as the next big thing,' FHM reads. 'We think "thing" is quite accurate.'

Pejic's blurb also says: 'The gender bender has jumped the gun in hoping he might one day be signed as a Victoria's Secret Model (pass the sick bucket).'

FHM's writer goes on to imply that Pejic has been trying to hide his gender, before adding: 'More troubling is the fact that Andrej is not the only one when it comes to supermodels that are not all they seem.'

The outrage caused by these comments sparked FHM to remove the entry from its website. But the entry is still running in the print version of the list which comes with this month's edition.

A spokesperson for FHM told the Telegraph: 'Andrej Pejic appears at number 98 in FHM Magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011.

'Regrettably the copy accompanying Andrej's online entry wasn't subbed prior to going live. Once we realised, we removed it immediately and apologised for any offence caused.

'FHM has spoken to the individual concerned and taken steps to ensure this can never happen again.'

On the catwalk: The androgynous model walks down the runway at Paris' Jean Paul Gaultier show

Pejic, who was raised in Australia, was discovered while working in McDonalds.

He says he is happy to model both men's and womenswear and aspires one day to appear in Playboy.

In an interview earlier this year, Pejic said: 'Sometimes I feel like more of a woman, other times I feel male.

The blurb that accompanied Andrej Pejic's entry in FHM, in full

'I'm sure most people think of me as a woman. It doesn't bother me anymore and I feel fine about it... I don't consider my looks unusual.'

If only FHM's writers shared a similar view.


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