Thursday, June 2, 2011

'Jog on WAG!' Imogen Thomas hits back at Twitter attack from Djibril Cissé's wife

By Andrea Magrath

This means war: Imogen Thomas has hit back at an attack from WAG Jude Cisse, who criticised her actions on Twitter

She's received a hard time in the press and a deluge of abuse from football fans on Twitter.

But so far most WAGs have opted to stay out of the scandal involving Imogen Thomas' affair with married Manchester United player Ryan Giggs.

Now one has spoken out - Jude Cissé has told Miss Thomas over Twitter that she should 'shut up and remained dignified.'

Imogen, in typical form, has not taken the slight lying down. she wrote this morning: 'Dear Mrs Cisse. No body wants to know your opinion. U seem to have a lot of time on ur hands...oh ye! I forgot your a wag!!! Jog on!'

Mrs Cissé, married to Panathinaikos striker Djibril, aired her opinion on the ongoing controversy in a lengthy diatribe on the social networking site.

'Just had a little peek at the online news! Don’t get it,' Jude tweeted, according to the Daily Star.

'How can some girls moan about what the public perception of them are yet still insist on carrying out interviews! Err mm the violins out. U would get a lot more public vote if u shut up & remained dignified!'

Rant: Jude Cissé, married to striker Djibril Cissé, wrote a lengthy diatribe attacking Imogen on Twitter

The WAG protects her tweets from public view, but the rant became public after the paper published them today.

She continued: 'All I’m hearing on the radio is all the infidelity scandals. God, so many people with so many different opinions. What’s your opinion? Want 2 know mine?

'Affairs happen all over the world with every walks of life FACT! To make it public is just wrong.'

'However, I don’t feel sorry for the ones having the affairs especially if the parties involved are aware of the marital status.

Hitting back: The reality star defended herself this morning

'How you can believe it’s more than sex when you only see each other 1 a week & that for only 2hrs at a time in a hotel!

'Why would you want 2 admit 2 the whole world u had an affair? I can only sympathise with the innocent wife & children.'

On Monday a fed-up Imogen wrote on her own page: 'I havent got the energy 2 block the haters. Theres too many. Take a look @ your own lives before you start judging mine. Sad f******!'

But she appeared to cheer up yesterday, after a visit to the Britain's Got Talent set where she rubbed shoulders with Simon Cowell.

WAGS stick together: Jude wrote, 'I can only sympathise with the innocent wife & children' over Imogen's affair with Ryan Giggs

She tweeted happily: 'Ive had the best day 2day for the 1st time in weeks. Defo not turning lesbian...Not really my thing! Night all and thanks for the support x'

Jude married former Liverpool player Djibril Cissé, seven years her junior, at Bodelwyddan Castle in Wales in June 2005.

The couple have two children together, Prince Kobe and Cassius.

they each have a child froem previous relationships - Jude is also mother to Liam while Djibril has daughter Ilona.


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