Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lily Allen and her sister put on their own Disguise for the launch of their latest fashion outlet in Dublin

By Daily Mail Reporter

Sisters are doing it for themselves: Lily Allen and Sarah Owen pose for pictures at the launch of their collection at Brown Thomas in Dublin

One of the best ways to promote your own fashion line is of course to wear items from it to show just how good your products are.

Which is exactly what Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen have been doing with their Lucy In Disguise range of womenswear.

The pop singer and her sibling both wore outfits comprised of items from their range when they paid a visit to Dublin to launch their new collection.

Lily put on a red bandana print dress, (priced at £160), teamed with a long beige cardigan and matching heels.

While sister Sarah sported a turquoise floor-length puff sleeve maxi (priced £285).

After a short photocall the Allen sisters were keen to spend time meeting and greeting fans at the Brown Thomas store in the Irish capital.

Doing it their own way: The sisters both wore designs from the Lucy In Disguise range - Lily put on a red bandana print dress, (priced at £160), while Sarah sported a turquoise floor-length puff sleeve maxi (£285)

The launch of their collection at the designer outlet follows a similar event in Dubai earlier this week.

Lily and Sarah extended the Lucy in Disguise brand from London to Dubai with a launch at luxury fashion retail outlet Boutique 1, in JBR The Walk, Dubai Marina.

Their collection, green or not, is modelled on some of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s styles, shapes and fabrics that have come through the sisters' hands at their vintage store in London's Covent Garden.

Meet and greet: Lily and her sister spent much of the launch spending time with fans who'd turned out for their appearance

Lily told Middle Eastern website The National: 'When we were just collecting stuff for the shop in London we would buy things that we knew weren't necessarily going to work on the shop floor but we were drawn to for some reason and when we'd accumulated a massive pile of this stuff that we couldn't sell we thought, well, we've got to do something with it, and we used them as our inspiration pieces for this collection, and for future collections as well."

The singer then went on to explain why she has quit touring with her music.

She told The National: 'I've found a partner who I'd like to spend more time with, and you know I don't think that I really wanna be away from him every night of the week.

'It's difficult to commit to spending a year and a half, two years away from home, that's a really big commitment. I feel like I've achieved what I wanted to achieve, and I don't need to push it forever; I'm not that kind of person.

'I'm enjoying not getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning to check into a flight, get off the flight, get on the stage, get on a flight, get off the flight, get on the stage.

'You know, I don't really think that the fame aspect has changed necessarily; I think people are still just as interested as they were.'


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