Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kate Moss, the model bride before her lifestyle took its toll


That was then: Kate Moss posing for Brides magazine at the age of 17

Smiling demurely for the camera, this is Kate Moss posing as a virginal bride aged just 17.

Twenty years on, the supermodel may be seeking to recapture the look for her imminent wedding, but the chances of her being anywhere near as fresh-faced and dewy-eyed seem pretty remote.

For years of partying, hard drinking and drug abuse have clearly taken their toll on the 37-year-old.

Party girl: Hard-drinking and drug abuse have taken their toll on her looks

The pictures, from a 1991 feature in Brides magazine, show the model when she was still a teenager on the brink of stardom.

Those were the days before she left Croydon, south London, to embrace a lifestyle that encapsulated sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – and plenty of booze and cigarettes to boot.

Innocent: The shoot, completed early in her career, demonstrates just how much Kate's lifestyle has taken its toll

For the photoshoot, Miss Moss modelled that year’s best bridal fashions, all of which were priced at under £500.

However, the pictures merely illustrate the impact her hedonistic lifestyle – including the infamous Cocaine Kate allegations in 2005 – has had on her looks in the intervening years.

Indeed, tumbling out of a friend’s house in west London on Tuesday evening, the model appeared typically well-refreshed.

Miss Moss and Jamie Hince, guitarist in band The Kills, are to marry on July 2 in a church close to her Oxfordshire home.

• See the full shoot in the July/August issue of Brides, magazine on sale now.

What's for lunch? Kate was recently pictured enjoying a cigarette and a glass of wine while dining out at a Paris restaurant

source: dailymail

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