Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't you know who I am? Scott Disick 'pushes past babies and offers $20 bribe' to get on plane first

By Daily Mail Reporter

Special treatment: Scott Disick refused to wait in line at Chicago airport on Monday, it has been reported

He's infamous for his angry temper tantrums and binge drinking, but Scott Disick seems to think his reality star status entitles him to special treatment.

The 32-year-old angered passengers waiting to board a flight to the Hamptons this week by demanding special treatment.

The businessman was in such a rush to board the Southwest flight in Chicago that he refused to wait in line, offering a $20 bribe to the gate attendant to let him bypass the queue.

Apparently desperate to get to Long Island's MacArthur Airport, where a car was waiting to take him to local hotspot Dune, it is alleged that the controversial dad of one-year-old Mason lost his temper.

A fellow flier, Jeff Glass, told the New York Post that that Disick 'refused to wait in line, and tried to cut ahead of a young couple holding twin babies.'

He then tried to cut in front of an older man who said, 'Who is this schmuck?' He offered $20 to the gate attendant to let him on ahead of everyone else.'

A flight attendant then reportedly yelled at Disick repeatedly, who blamed his secretary for having to wait.

Disick, the partner of reality star Kourtney Kardashian, 32, was heading to his fourth party in honour of his 28th birthday on May 26.

Kourtney was apparently already at the venue waiting for her boyfriend to arrive.

Reality couple: Disick was rushing to the Hamptons where Kourtney was throwing him another birthday party

However, one flight attendant was so 'star-struck' that an emergency exit row was saved for Disick.

Disick's representative refuted the report and told the paper: 'He never offered any bribes and didn't cut in front of a couple with twins.

'Yes, a flight lady did save him an exit row because she was a fan. The flight had an emergency landing in Detroit, and Southwest had to find another plane and it took 10 hours to get to New York.'

This is not so according to, who maintain that no flights from Chicago Midway to Long Island's Islip airport were diverted or even delayed.

In fact, all flights from Chicago to Long Island on Southwest Airlines took under under three hours on May 29.


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