Sunday, June 5, 2011

Derek Hough 'dumps' Cheryl Cole after she 'turns to ex-husband Ashley' during X Factor fallout

By Daily Mail Reporter

Split? Reports today claim that Derek Hough has ended his 'relationship' with Cheryl Cole

Things appear to be looking up in her career, given today's reported that Cheryl Cole has been invited to return to the U.S version of the X Factor.

But her personal life may have suffered a new blow.

New reports claim that Cheryl has been 'dumped' by Derek Hough, the man she called her rock during her divorce from Ashley Cole and her battle with malaria last year.

The Dancing With The Stars professional dancer has split from the Parachute singer amid claims she is once again getting close to her ex-husband, the Sunday Mirror alleges.

According to the paper, Derek's stepfather Aaron Nelson, 54, has confirmed the split.

He said: 'It’s sad – but it was just not working out. Derek just wants to move on with his life.'

Are they or aren't they? Cheryl has never confirmed the relationship, coyly saying 'people can think he's my boyfriend or best friend'

Cheryl, 27, never actually confirmed the relationship, a source of much speculation.

During her interview with Piers Morgan last year, she said of Hough: 'I am not confirming or denying anything. People can think he's my boyfriend, people can think he's my best friend.'

The singer credits Hough, 25, with saving her life after he pressured her to go to the hospital when she was struck down with illness following their trip to Tanzania.

Getting close? Reports allege that Cheryl has grown close to ex-husband Ashley Cole in the midst of her X Factor drama

She said: 'He's an amazing, amazing person... I can never repay him for that (saving my life).'

The Mirror claims that Derek nd Cheryl began growing apart when he moved to Toronto earlier this year to film his first movie Cobu 3D.

Cheryl's 'reclusive' lifestyle prevented her from visiting him on set in between filming for the X Factor, preferring to stay holed up in her hotel room, the paper alleges.

Derek told a friend: 'I love that girl with all my heart, but I just can’t do it any more. I have done everything I can to pick Cheryl up. But every time I am with her she refuses to leave her room for days and days.

'It’s not healthy behaviour and doesn’t make for a healthy relationship. It’s tough but I have to leave Cheryl and get on with my life.


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