Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dannii Minogue spends time with her family as Kris Smith takes baby Ethan out alone

By Daily Mail Reporter

Down in the mouth: Danniii Minogue appeared sullen as she dropped off her aunty after picking up from a retirement home

Last week they released a statement to shoot down rumours that they had split up.

However, Dannii Minogue, 39, and Kris Smith remain the subject of rumours about the state of their relationship and the strain is beginning to show.

Yesterday the couple spent the day apart, the former X Factor judge picking up her aunty from a retirement home while Kris took care of their son, Ethan.

Family affair: The TV judge gives her aunt a hug and a kiss before heading home with baby Ethan in the back of her Lexus

Wearing a purple Adidas hoodie, jeans and Converse trainers Dannii appeared glum keeping her shades on as she said farewell to her aunt.

Baby Ethan was safely seated in the back seat of Dannii's Lexus RX450.

Earlier in the day, ex-rugby player Smith took care of baby Ethan while his partner stayed indoors.

Kris, 32, appeared stoney-faced as he took the 11-month-old for a walk close to their home.

He has just returned to the family home following a trip to Perth where he was on a photoshoot for Australian department store Myer.

En route home he tweeted about his joy at returning to Dannii and Ethan after his short break in the west Australian city.

Home to roost: The ex-rugby player tweeted about his joy at returning to the family home following a short break in Perth

He wrote: 'Traveling over and on my way home to see my family. I am the happiest man alive right now.'

And, after spending some time alone with his little boy, Kris later tweeted: 'A beautiful bright but breezy Melbourne winters day. Had lads lunch with my boy now off to do the shopping and other chores.'

In a show of strength Kris then accompanied Dannii to the Australia's Got Talent studios to support her stint on the show's judging panel.

Last week Dannii and Kris issued a denial over speculation that they were on the verge of splitting.

Stoney-faced: Kris Smith kept his shades on as he took his little boy out for some 'lads time'

The statement read: 'Thanks for your concern. We're happy to be back at home in Melbourne together as a family. We are committed to our relationship and Ethan as always.'

However reports suggest the couple's relationship is indeed on the rocks, with Sydney's Daily Telegraph claiming that Kris walked out on Dannii because he was fed up of being treated like one of “her staff”.

'Kris felt that he had become an extension of Minogue’s team of assistants,' claimed a source interviewed by the paper.

'Someone she just dealt with, like a nanny or a secretary. Not one half of a loving relationship.

Honey, I'm home!: Kris Smith is spotted arriving at Sydney airport after leaving Perth where he was on photoshoot for department store Myer

Working mum: Dannii is busy working on the semi-finals of Australia's Got Talent

'Their conversations were cut down to the bone. The only thing they talk about is business and travel.'

It's also being claimed that he has been confiding in female friend, a stunning TV presenter named Lauren Phillips.

A source who spoke to the Sunday Mirror alleged: 'They are good mates. Like a lot of guys having problems in a relationship he’s sought a female pal to confide in.

'They’ve known each other quite a while. They got pally during training for the Melbourne Celebrity Grand Prix race in March.'

Relationship troubles: The couple recently denied rumours of a split, but those close to them have spoken publicly of a 'rocky' patch

Meanwhile others close to the couple have hinted that all is not well - both Smith's mother, Elsie, and Miss Minogue's colleague on Australia's Got Talent, Kyle Sandilands, have hinted at the couple's relationship troubles.

Smith's mother said: 'I hope it's just a trial split. I know they will do everything to save their relationship for the sake of their son.'

While DJ Sandilands said he had been comforting his colleague.

Speaking on his Sydney based 2DayFm radio show, Sandilands said: 'This is still really rumour, rumour... Neither of them yesterday said to my face "it's finished". They could just be going through rocky times.'

Kris made an effort to gloss over any speculation of trouble over Twitter though, tweeting this week, telling fans he was enjoying 'the best pizza with my beautiful family.'


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