Wednesday, June 1, 2011

'You are a bitter old troll': Lily Allen and Julie Burchill have a very public war of words

By Sara Nathan

Clash: Singer Lilly Allen and writer Julie Burchill are having a very public spat - and the jury is still out on who has won

One is an outspoken celebrity, well known for her disparaging remarks about others.
The other is an outspoken celebrity, well known for her disparaging remarks about others.

So it was never going to be pretty when pop star Lily Allen and writer Julie Burchill clashed.

And despite their 25-year age gap, the jury’s still out on who’s won this spat.

The very public, and unseemly, row seems to have been triggered, ironically, by a favourable article about Cheryl Cole by Miss Burchill, 51.

In it, the columnist declared: ‘I adore the way she [Cheryl] spat back at that over-privileged cry-baby Lily Allen when the public-school tool took a poke at her way back in the day.’

The remark was too much for the Smile singer, who has tried recently to cut back on her use of Twitter.

Clearly relishing the moment, she unleased a savage tweet, lambasting Miss Burchill as ‘an ignorant and bitter old troll’, adding the quaint pay-off: ‘But I guess you know that already.’

Miss Burchill, who is famous for her acerbic writing, yesterday upped the ante.

Reacting to the tweet, she told the London Evening Standard: ‘For someone who doesn’t want to be famous any more she spends a lot of time reading about herself and tweeting.’

She added: ‘It was partly over Cole, but partly because Allen had said some ignorant s*** about the working class and I wrote what a nerve she had as a public-school mockney.

‘Oooh, I do love a scrap.’

Twit: Perez Hilton and Lily Allen had a massive falling out via Twitter in 2009

Miss Burchill further claimed that Miss Allen’s mother, film producer Alison Owen, 50, once contacted her asking her not to pick on her daughter.

She said that the singer had once ‘loved her [Burchill]’ but no longer. Miss Allen’s last tweet about the affair states: ‘The amateur psychiatrist in me says [Burchill] sees a lot of her younger self in me, and she’s a bit of a ‘self-loather’. #poorjulieburchill’

Miss Burchill then retorted: ‘No, Lily, dear. I Love me. I Loathe you! And BTW being called self-loathing by you is like being called fat by Dawn French. Clown!’ Miss Allen, 26, is currently preparing for her wedding on June 11 to her long-term love Sam Cooper, but has always defended her middle class upbringing as the daughter of comedian and actor Keith Allen.

After being criticised for putting on a cockney accent, the singer defended herself by saying: ‘I’ve been conscious to try and write about stuff that happens to people from all different backgrounds.’

Miss Allen and Cheryl Cole were famously involved in a bitter war of words in 2007, when the Girls Aloud singer branded the Smile star a ‘chick with a ***k.’ Miss Allen responded by saying: ‘Cheryl if you’re reading this, I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune.’

Miss Allen then went on to blame the star for sending her into a spiral of depression over her looks.


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